There are many signs to tell if a married man is interested in an affair with another woman. Body language is the biggest clue. If flirting includes long stairs, winks, or full frontal smiles then it is a good bet that he is thinking about having an affair. Another sign is has to do with the wedding ring. Does he talk about his ring or even find excuses to take it off? If he downplays or degrades it significance in anyway, then this is a symbolic gesture that signals to everyone that there are circumstances when the ring is not important. The most important way to know if a man is thinking outside of the marriage is if he comes to you for advice about his wife but often tries to make the conversation about you. For instance, he asks “do you think she would like some flowers or lingerie as a surprise?” but then says “Oh, woman probably don’t like lingerie as gifts, do they?” This provokes a response from the other woman about her taste in underclothes. He really isn’t asking about his wife at all. There are many ways he can do this, just watch for the signs. Gut instinct is the best way to tell but here I have provided a bit of insight that may help.

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