These days it isn’t hard to keep an engaging social conversation going. With as many social networks online as there is today, it truly shows just how much the human spirit craves social interaction in order to sustain the happiness of a persons ego. Nowadays online dating services come a dime a dozen, as do free social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, MocoSpace, etc. which in many instances can be used very much the same way to engage in a vast variety of different social encounters as well, including dating, networking, or just to plain catch up with your friends about that new movie in theaters, you can do it all within your very own online social community and best of all, you never have to leave home!

Now history proves ever since there has been interaction, there has always been dating to be compensate for other bodily needs, which brings up an important question. Are social networking sites such as Facebook a liability when it comes to having a relationship?

In order to answer this question we must first observe what kinds of social networks there are and the ways they influence this behavior. For example, certain sites such as Mocospace has a built in, non-application/gadget that influences users to “Kiss” one another in order to promote a more devoted engagement in their site, which would obviously influence relationship type behavior between users. It also has an option that you can enable to see who’s in your zip code and what status they’re posting. Other sites like Myspace have optional apps such as “Secret Admirer” that tells you secretly what other users think of you if they choose to go to your page and do so which too can influence such behavior, but of coarse at the will of the user which in some people, can pose an issue. Myspace also has an option to browse all users within a certain area of your choice, and/or by their gender. Then of coarse theres Facebook, the biggest online social networking site of them all! On Facebook users are given a page to write their status and posts that eventually adds up into a bigger stream to make up the multi million user social network we know as Facebook. Some people may even see your posts that you don’t even know, but nobody will be able to look for you through your zip code, and any participation in any apps is purely optional, and although the poke feature does influence socializing, the site does not have a reputation of being a popular dating site, besides the feature to choose your relationship status and what you interested in, but this is purely optional.

Though Facebook may not influence relationships as much as Mocospace, it still does have the IM/Messenging feature as does just about every other social networking site, which lies the real test of faith. All sites will have just about one reference of dating to keep loved ones, and people searching for love interested in one another. So in the end it all falls in the trust category. Whether you or your lover use social networks for swinging purposes or just to keep in touch, it all falls in the hands of the user. It only takes only one message to change your title from lover, to cheater. Faith is complete trust and confidence in a person and what they do, not worrying what they are doing on a website.

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