The reason people see a counselor is because there is something going on in their lives that they need help with. If you are getting married and you are in need of a counselor, then there is definitely something wrong with your relationship. You should see a counselor if your love outweighs the issues in your relationship. If you do not have any issues where you are constantly fighting or not getting along, then there is no need to see a couples counselor. You are obviously doing something... more

When you get married, it is not necessary to know everything about one another but you should have the desire to share with one another as you move forward. If you have something in your past that you think your fiance is not going to like, it is best to tell him as soon as you realize that rather than wait until it comes up. Honesty is definitely the best policy and should be practiced by both of you. Going into a marriage with intentionally held secrets is not a good idea because secrets usually... more

You will not have any experience about that is like and you will not have much saving in your hand to save a person, and if you are too young and if you are not having any job in your hand means you have to go behind some person from money. And the society will think bad about the person who have married in his/her young age. And there are very few pros in getting married young, you will have a chance to see that life in a early stage. You will be able to perform more sex activities. And you will... more

Getting engaged can be the best time of someone’s life, but it’s important to make sure you get engaged for the right reasons. It can be exciting to think about and thrilling to be asked, but here are a few important questions to ask before getting engaged: 1-Do you love this person? Seems obvious, but a lot of people get married because they are excited about the wedding, or they feel “it’s time” to get married. But when you consider that half of all marriages end in... more

When a couple first get together they are beginning to know each other and just getting closer. But, after a certain amount of time they wanting to make the next step and move in with one another. This is normally done at different times depending on their ages. The most common time a couple is together before moving in is a year. I believe in living together before getting married. I think if you do not live with one another you are only seeing what your partner is choosing to show you. If you live... more

Engagement is a foundation for marriage which is a life with another partner which can become a living heaven as well as contrary to that. So it all depends on how the couple shapes up their married life with thick bonding between them. Hence it is important for a couple to be fully matured before being engaged. If matured decisions are taken between the partners, then any relationship will be a success. In United States of America, many such cases exist where after engagement, there breaks out misunderstanding... more

It always makes for a strange moment whenever your significant other asks you to change your outfit or wear something else. This kind of situation is usually everything but comfortable. A lot of times you will end up questioning yourself as to why your partner doesn’t like what you’re wearing or if your looks just aren’t good enough. This is hardly ever the case so don’t get yourself all bent out of shape over it! Take these remarks with a grain of salt. Confront the situation... more

Yes, it is wrong of being engaged for four years. As the days past the age also grows. As soon as you get engaged it is better to get married so that it will reduce the risk of real life burden. The engaged life will create more responsibility on your shoulder where as not caring for four more years makes you vexed and the process will not be fulfilled. Getting engaged before four years and still not caring on that creates some nonsense stories. This can even lead to some sort of trouble as like... more

It is very possible to have a successful marriage. Look around you and see how many older people are still with their partners and are very happy. They do not have magical powers. They have had to face struggles in their relationships as well, but instead of giving up when the going got tough, they stuck it out and most have grown to love each other even more through the years. Everyone who is in a relationship can have this type of relationship as well. You just have to have your priorities straight... more

When making plans for that one special day in your life, one has many tasks at hand. You have to book the photographer, the venue, send the invitations, but most importantly, make wedding registries. In order to figure out the best placed to register for weddings you must think about what you and your partner already own. From here you want to think about the necessities. If you are young you might need everything to run a house and thus you should register at more home goods stores such as Bed,... more