I used to think love played a part in why some relationships seem to succeed and prosper, even when times are rough and threaten to tear them apart. I used to think that if you loved something enough, if you babied it and if you nursed it, even from the darkest pits of soil could rise something beautiful and alive. However, that’s not really the case. It’s the drama. It’s the tension. It’s the difficult times that bind a relationship like a mummy causing it to be unbreakable.... more

When you enter into a marriage, you are essentially creating a pact with one another that is supposed to last for the rest of your life. Sometimes you will have disagreements and fights which can make you mad at the person, but in the end, you should always come out on the good side. If you are going through a really tough period that you cannot handle and are considering divorce, it may be beneficial to try a separation period to think about and help to rectify the problems that you are facing... more

First you have to decide if you really want to be with this girl then is she really worth it, then also you can find it she is actually flirting then some girls are hurt like naturally friendly and sometimes seems as through as through they are flirting possessive then your girlfriend should be able to talk with other guys in friendly then the nice way after that it is deal breaker for you then tell her of your decision and tell her of your decision and then tell why perhaps it will force to consider... more

When you are in a relationship, you will need to understand that there are going to be a lot of rough times that you will need to get through if you want to come out on the good end. I would strongly suggest that you try to maximize the time that you spend with your significant other, as this will be what they judge you upon. Sometimes, you will notice that you will grow apart from the person that you are with, due to the fact that you have spent too much time with them. In these situations, make... more

Whenever you are thinking about getting married then you always need to ask yourself if you think they are worth making sacrifices for. Marriage is all about sacrifice and compromise. If you have kids then you should be very ready to compromise because the odds indicate that you and your spouse may not have exactly the same idea about how to parent your children. You need to be able to compromise to you can give the child both of your styles of parenting together. If you are not able to compromise... more

The success of how well you do in your relationship is usually determined by the amount of effort that you put in during the course of your time together. I would strongly suggest that you make sure to try your best to make that person happy and maximize the time that you spend together. Usually, a relationship will not fail for just no reason at all, as it will usually be something that you do that initiates the break up. Try to avoid hanging out with your friends over your girlfriend, which... more

I do not ever think that it is a good idea to offer someone an ultimatum about something as serious as marriage because what if they do not give you the answer that you are looking for? This would make the situation ten times worse than it is and the odds are it would have healed with time anyways. An ultimatum is sort of a last effort resort that some people go to when they think there is no other way out. If you have to offer someone an ultimatum then they are probably not the person who you should... more

I do not think that women try to trick men into marriage but there may be some women out there who try to use this method in order to get married. These are the people who are manipulative and may have a hard time getting a husband on their own. If women do try to trick men into marriage I do not think it will work because men are a lot smarter that they are given credit for. A lot of the time men will know when they are being tricked because they will just have a feeling of what is going on. One... more

A marital separation is similar to that of breaking up if your spouse and yourself had never married at all. There are different kinds, being legal and more of an agreement between the two of you. A legal separation means that the law recognizes the fact that the two of you are separating for an indefinite amount of time, and otherwise is a simple agreement between the two of you, and however you have agreed to recognize it. You do not have to move out to separate – a separation is simply agreeing... more

When it come to the girl then she want to have her virginity till marriage, most of the guys won’t feel happy. When it come to avoid the sex before the marriage guys will feel that see may avoid him in future and he will feel in secure on the marriage. One thing that you want to see is if see want to keep her virginity there are lot of reason in that, she may afraid of sex, or she may have some the sexual problems you want to notice in that. In terms of this kind of situation guys will think... more