Dating is a particular thing which all the couples like to have. All they need is to spend some time with each other and to roam around the city. It is pretty difficult to carry on a date without getting serious. They may start it casually but after some time it will go out of control and will have a full sex. This is common in everybody s life. But dating in dream happens only for few persons. If the person has more liking towards another person and keeps on think about that person, that particular... more

To make a relationship interesting again, you must have to behave in a way they prefer to have from you. Take them to various places with you and make them enjoy in a way that they forget the past life with you. It is always necessary to keep them happy by fulfilling their needs and preferences. You must first of all gain trust from that relationship again. They must be ready to trust you, for which you must behave in the way they would like to have you on. It is not necessary to over act before... more

This is the age old question and it would be very convenient if there were real signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You know her better than anyone else so you should be the one who can determine whether or not she is cheating on you. I understand if you do not want to ask her because that can be very embarrassing, but I would recommend sitting her down and asking her if she is seeing someone else. You could also go down another route and ask her if she is happy or satisfied with everything... more

There is no website that keeps statistics on how many people think marriage with children is a dying tradition and is on the way out. I doubt that many people believe it as you’ll see celebrities and reality TV stars getting married or pregnant like it’s a new style trend! I think there will be a rebound in marriage actually meaning something in the coming years as all these children of divorcees rebel against their parents laziness and selfishness. Marriage is one of the most beautiful... more

My cousin is getting married in a few months and I’ve been tasked with helping her get prepared. We’ve scheduled out tasks that need to be accomplished, and today’s list is big. Right now I’m trying to figure out what a good contemporary reading for a wedding is. Many websites have compendiums of readings, but there is so much to go through and I really don’t have time. I have decided to read what other people suggest and go with what’s worked for them. “On... more

Every youth will be desperate to have an answer to this question. I start my blog saying that this task cannot be accomplished by theoretical advise. It all depends on the presence of mind of the individual at that instant of time. To make the relationship grow deeper, you must make your boy friend come around you always. Use pleasant words that will attract him. Never try to bring him under your control by using harsh words. Guys will never care a damn. Use polite words and have a feel of him. If... more

This is a critical question to share my views. Gaining confidence depends purely on every individual and it varies from person to person. People of young aged groups are generally confident of them self and they take up challenges with ease. As days pass by, this confidence level drops considerably. Coming to the question, in order to gain confidence, you must keep on motivating your self. Never doubt yourself and stay determined. Have a clear frame of mind and do not be depressed. Perform yoga... more

One of the things marriage counseling might help with is a couple’s sex life. This is because as the couple work on the marriage, non-sexual problems that plague them may start to work themselves out so that the couple can again have enjoyable sex. Some marriage therapists are able to give out advice on sex matters, and yet others refer their patients to a sex therapist. The marriage therapist is probably the right professional to start with though; since they will be able to tell whether marital... more

The decision to leave an abusive relationship is a tremendously important decision. How to leave a abusive relationship really depends on the nature of the abuse. In cases of severe physical abuse in which you are scared that your partner will react violently it is important to enlist the help of professionals such as National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1^’800^’799^’SAFE. They can also help direct you to shelters in your area. The most important thing to do is to leave in a... more

It is just so easy to think that once you are married that you just live happily ever after. Just like with everything in life, it all takes work. Each relationship has a give and take. Each relationship has some good times and bad time. So based on that, you really do not feel in love for the duration of your marriage. You love the person you are with, but you do not necessarily feel in love. Usually the hardest time to really feel in love is right after you get married since you are learning... more