When it come to watch the porn together after the marriage ids does t matter for any one now a days this thinks are are normal and most of the couples are doing this usually. One think that you want to be sure is that you want to be so secret and you don t want to show that to every one that you are watching the porn together. And one more thing that you want to see is that what kind of the porn film and how you are seeing some of the guy will get temper in terms they watch the porn movies... more

No if you are dating with all the friends means you need not worry about it and you need not cut any ones friendship because of this if you are very open to every one means it will not be a big problem for you, and in the same time if you are trying to hide things from every person means it will be hard to hide things from many people you will be caught. If you are very open to the people means they will like you the way you are and will not have any gossips on you. If you start to ditch some other... more

When you are dating, the most vital aspect to understand is that there are no timelines and that you should not rush anything just because one of your friends has moved on to that stage in his or her relationship. I would suggest that you think about your first kiss when you start to feel a physical connection to the person that you are with. It is imperative not to rush this and to let things happen naturally so that there is no awkwardness between you. Usually, you will want to go in for the... more

A key ingredient in any healthy intimate relationship is the ability to communicate honestly and clearly with one’s partner. While that can be difficult when dealing with sexual subjects, the best way to ensure that one’s intentions are clearly understood is to state them specifically. To keep one’s partner from feeling awkward about the conversation, it’s probably a good idea to conduct it in a relaxed and private setting, such as a romantic dinner cooked at home. While a... more

In terms of the relation with boy friend you wan tot do certain thinks before tell that you are not interested to have sex before the relation, in terms of sex if you tell the boyfriend directly then it create some sort of problem in terms of the relation, so you want to wait for the correct situation to tell the fact. First you want o show him that you are not interested to have the sex with him, after showing some sort of sigh with you boy you will came to know what kind of the reaction that your... more

Before having sex with the boy friend, it is better to think twice to ten times whether it is the right decision as sex to wrong partners can be hazardous. First fully understand your boy friend. See whether he is only interested in physical relationships or he is interested in you. Also one must not be too quick into kissing the girl/boy as soon as you settle down on a date. Instead one must wait for the right situation and time to kiss so as to make the date a pleasant one rather than something... more

When it come for the couple therapy and couples counseling then we want to see certain thinks. First we want to see couple counseling, in a couple counseling the group of person including you will get the counseling in the organization of by the company for the some of the issue that related to you. The will help you to over come from the particular thinks that you are stuck. In couples counseling they we will help you to motivate to do the certain job with the clear view of that job. In terms of... more

There is really no set time to start having children, whether a couple has lived together before marriage or not. Even though that is the case, living together as a married or unmarried couple is usually a benefit that helps the partners to know a lot about each other. It’s definitely preferable to spend time living together before introducing children into the mix for a few reasons. First, you can enjoy each other without interference from little feet. Some couples really like their time alone... more

Married people having affair is not new to this society. But giving a definite percentage of married couple having an affair is difficult, because the affairs are often hidden and are never revealed by the people who are involved in it. This happens because, the people involved in an affair with others are scared at the prospect of getting separated from their legal partners. There may be various reasons for affairs. It could be sexual pleasure, or the love and warmth they get from a different person... more

It’s easier to know when a guy is flirting with you than when a woman is. Men are more straightforward in their approach. You can bet that if a guy shows interest in you it’s because he is interested in you romantically and not just for friendship. One great way to know if a guy is flirting with you is if he shows interest in what you are saying. If you are talking and he keeps asking you questions and wants to know more information it is a subtle way to know he is flirting. Sometimes... more