It can be a bad situation if you suspect that your husband is seeing someone else and you cannot trust him anymore. Because you can no longer trust him if you think this is going on you cannot just ask him if he has a mistress and expect him to tell you the truth. You need to catch him in the act if you really want proof, or you could find out who the other woman is and talk to her about it. Some signs that your husband may have a mistress is if he comes home smelling like another woman or... more

The best thing that a wife can do for a husband is to initiate sex. It takes away all of the fear of rejection and the pressure to perform when the woman initiates sex. It is also a lot hotter and there is pretty much zero chance that a man will turn down a woman for sex. This is a proven fact because women often say that they are too tired or that they are not in the mood, but how often have you ever heard a man say that? All you have to do if you want to initiate sex with your husband is to walk... more

For leading a proper and healthy life there should be a proper understanding between husband and wife. Also there should be a control over wife. This control should not break their freedom,It should be in a way that it gives her security, love, affection. It should not be a barrier for her happiness. Control should be in a way that leading her to be proper in her household works or a drastic change in her behavior, mannerism, response to guest etc…Control should be in a positive process not... more

Money is a very serious issue that you and your husband are going to have to be good with during the course of your relationship if you want to be successful. I would suggest that you talk to your husband about the things that you can buy as the year progresses so that you are in the best position financially moving forward. When you begin your relationship, you should want to save as often as possible, which will make you feel more comfortable about the position that you are in. Tell your husband... more

Work can be very stressful as you are always going to be fighting for your job and under intense scrutiny. When I get home from work, I want to have an environment that is very peaceful and the opposite from the stresses that I felt during the course of the day. The best thing that you can do is talk about the day that you had with your wife so that they can understand exactly what you went through. This will help to make your bond stronger, so that you can have a great relationship together and... more

When you are dating, you will want to get all of the information about the person that you are with so that you can make the most qualified decision as to whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with them. I would suggest that you try to meet their kids a few months into dating so that you can get an idea of how things would be if you were to move into a more serious relationship with them. Be as nice as possible to their children so that they can grow to like you and the new mother... more

In United States of America, most of the break ups occurs because of lack of adjustment, understandings, cooperation etc Hence it is important for a couple to be fully matured before being engaged. Spouse or the significant partner must have proper understanding only then a relationship will attain success. For this to happen, sacrifices, adjustments and proper understanding with love must exist in a relationship. It is very hard to find all these qualities indulging in a relationship. By the research... more

A wife is a relation that will stay with us till our life time. If the relations were broken the ex-husband must make payment for the child to support all the time. It helps their child to grow without any difficulties. Their care, affection and love make the world a beautiful place to live in. Husband & wife enjoy sex between them and this is a very common scenario. Certain couples may try different sex recipes for each night while many others are content with what they know. This purely depends... more

A man and a woman can have many types of relationship between them. The first kind of relationship is where the man and woman like each other very much and also fall in love with each other. The next kind of relationship is where the man and the woman are good friends and this relationship is often very rare to find making this almost a daydream. The next relationship is where the man and woman marry each other, and then the woman will be known as the significant other of the man. This will lead... more

I am very happy to write blog on topics related to relationships. I feel more interesting in writing blogs on relationships and blogs related to girls. I would like to thank domain consolidator for giving such blogs. When a boyfriend and girlfriend exchanges rings it may be called as a marriage or engagement. In simpler words it means that they are ready to live together. Showing love towards each other is an important thing in a relationship. Both the girl as well as boy would expect to show love... more