You You can leave your girlfriend and get custody of your child by issuing her a show cause notice first and then all you have to do is to file a divorce case against her. Mostly the judgment is always in the favor of the one who wishes to have custody of the children and can take well care and also has enough money to bear all the expenses. There are case when your girlfriend is rich and she does the same thing to you. All you have to do is to hire an advocate who has a good record in winning... more

Yes only you can make him get rid of his depression in a effective way.You can encourage him by wrapping a loved arms around him and talk for sometime in a encouraging way and can motivate him by your sweet kisses. Ask about the reason for his depression and tell him a better solution to overcome his problem. Also in some books and some researcher says sex is the way you can make some one feel relaxed and also can wipe out of stress.Hence you can give him a better company to have his concentration... more

When you are on an internet dating site, you will have a lot more requests for your number and emails to respond to than ever before. I would suggest that if you are not attracted to someone or do not see a chance to date them, to ignore the emails that you get. This will help you to maximize your time and focus in on the people who you would like to get to know. If you have been talking to someone for a long period of time and have found someone else that you would rather date, tell him or her... more

You can get your husband to lose weight by encouraging him to go for long walks or jogs or some sort of physical activities so that your husband burns enough calories. Also try to be sportive and encouraging when it comes to exercise because most men are lazy and prefer to be obese than to get slim. Give them the right of freedom to eat but never compromise in their diet and exercise. Ask them to have yoga and also accompany them in their physical activities. If you have kids then the hole of the... more

When you first date someone, the best thing that you can do is give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove that they cannot be trusted. There are a lot of good people in the world that have decent intentions, so you do not want to generalize them with the people who have hurt you in the past. Make sure that the honestly and loyalty stays throughout the whole relationship. If you are bothered by something that your girlfriend or boyfriend has done to you, approach them and have a talk about... more

Yes, a girl can do anything and make her husband to nod their head for every order that was imposed by them.You have to impress in a sexual manner that if we move out alone we can be how we were when we started our engaged life. I just want that days back so please make me feel something better and I have become very riotous with this life so just for a couple of days take me a vacation, lets leave our children s in my parents home so that we may not have to worry about them as they will look over... more

If you want to get him work for him means you have to be very close and if he feels that you are in love with him to the core means he will help you in all the situations. And just think of yourself if he is having a lot of work out side means don’t force him to work too much for you. And if you are forcing too much means he will go to bed and he may get sick also, so the work for you will be doubled. If you think that you are having too much of the house works means you can say your husband... more

I want to say thank you for posting this question. Now, to answer your question about how long you should wait to apologize to your girlfriend after a fight, I do believe it is always best to apologize soon after you and your girlfriend get in a fight. The reason for this is because if you wait too long, there may be lots more drama than expected. It is always best to apologize to your girlfriend and as you apologize, please keep it sincere because it keeps the drama away. If you apologize to your... more

Before you get married with a person you have to get along with the person and you have to know much about the person and if you are not knowing about each other means you will be in trouble and you people may get in to divorce very fast. So if you are getting engaged means it is just a proposal to marriage and you can take your own time to get to the marriage. As a guide, this can be anything between 1 month and 2 years depending on how much is involved in the event and how busy the couple are in... more

We can sacrifice a relationship if it goes in a bad manner then if you trust you will have a good future then it is useful to sacrifice the relationship. If you are in a wonderful relationship with a person then you should not leave it we you get a another relationship. If you leave the good relationship then you will be the sufferer who will fell for it. So you have to think a lot decide for this you should not ask any advise from some one you should decide on your own because you will know that... more