In United States, more couples work to meet the daily requirements. Couples with kids it is generally difficult to go on dates at nights as they will be in need to hire somebody to look after their children. But when it comes with sex, they can have it frequently as they will be in their own room at nights and it is the only way to relieve their tensions and pressures from work. Masturbating gives a feeling of sexual pleasure which also relaxes our mind. To make sex easier, try her on different... more

This happens more often than people would like to admit. Just because two people exchange vows and are legally declared a couple, it does not mean that they can stop working at their relationship. If you do not give your relationship enough attention, then it is going to grow very stagnant and people will get bored with one another or tired of each other. There are ways to stop this from happening and even if it has already occurred, there are ways to bring back the spark in your relationship. You... more

First, you must discern if it truly is flirting or if you are just teasing them. While this can be a fine line for some people, most are able to distinguish between the two. If you are not sure, ask someone you trust who will tell you the truth. If you are indeed flirting, then you must look within yourself. Are you not happy with certain aspects of your relationship? Are you flirting to catch your boyfriend’s attention about something? Are you wanting out of your relationship so you can pursue... more

My husband and I took a trip to Niagara Falls a few years ago to get a break from our daily grind. We arrived at our Motel, unpacked, and immediately went to bed as we’d gotten in so late. In a few hours we were awakened to a banging on the wall, obviously the couple next door who were getting to know each other intimately. It went on, and on, and on, until finally I had to complain to the front desk. I imagined that they didn’t stop, but instead they just moved to the bathroom, or maybe... more

My daughter is a teenager now and today we sat down to have a sex talk. Well, I suppose we didn’t really intend to discuss it, but a commercial came on the TV while we watched it about male dysfunction and she asked me what they were doing. I hate those commercials! That said, I figured it was time to find out how much she already knew and what myths she might believe. During the conversation she told me she was going to wait until marriage to have sex, which I think is great if she maintains... more

When it comes to the great gift you want to see certain elements. First you want see what are all the things that suitable or thinks that match for person that you going to give. If you are going to present for small children you can go with teddy bears, toys like small cars video games etc. if you are going to present for the girl friend then you want go with homemade cookie, paintings, jewelers etc. if you are going to present for you senior officers and grade officers then you want to go with... more

If you are strong and can handle a relationship that is long distance, there are many things that you will have to consider that are different from how a normal relationships works. Obviously, there will not be many opportunities for the both of you to hang out, so you will need to make the best of your meet-ups. Make sure that you plan a romantic dinner and buy him or her presents for the time that you have together so that they remember it and associate something positive with you. I would also... more

Always make it personal. If you are not into the elaborate, or don’t think you can pull it off, then go for genuine. Quality is always better than quantity, so it does not have to be a whole long drawn out thing. Start out by thinking of all the things that the two of you share as special. Have a first date that was special? A romantic song you guys have together? Think of all of her favorites, and try to put a few of those together. For my husband, he decided to propose on the date... more

You say, “I smell perfume on your clothes. How did you get perfume on your clothes?” If there is worry as to what the answer might be or any thought of concern over how he will react to the question, there are already problems. In a normal relationship where no cheating is ever thought of or suspected a wife would just ask the question out of curiosity not expecting in a million years that it was because of infidelity. The husband who is not cheating would also not think much about telling... more

It is appropriate and sometimes required to get permission from a girl’s father before proposing marriage. In some families and cultures it is not necessary or expected. If you have a hint or other clue that the father would like to be asked, then by all means follow that convention and ask. If you don’t think he cares in the least and maybe even get upset if you ask, then ask for advice from someone close to him such as his wife. It used to be a matter of course for a man seeking marriage... more