If you think that your girlfriend is trying to cheat on you mean she will be trying to avoid you in many situations and he will not like talking to you. Usually girls use to talk a lot on the phone but if she is not having much interest means she will not talk to you for a longer period and she will try to cut the phone quick. And he will mingle with the other boys very much and she may get into a new relationship. If you think that she is cheating with you means just ask he whether something... more

Yes any person will be mad if they are cheated for a small thing and in the case of love if any one is trying to cheat means I will be very mad on them. If you are feeling that your significant is trying to cheat with you of losing interest in you means you have to be very careful and you have to attract them by dressing talking in a seducing way. And you have to flirt him/her so that he/she will like you very much. If nothing work out means you can breakup with your significant other and you can... more

If you think that your boy friend is abusive and still he says he loves you means you have to be very careful with that person because some person will does things like that and they will not like you very mush and it will hurt you again and again so if you are a person who use to be very good and want to have a happy life means they to get out of him. And for that you have to start flirting with the other person so that your boyfriend will get mad on your and he will fight with you and so you can... more

The question her is very simple and is the funniest question that anybody could ask and even the funniest question that anybody can answer. The question here is how I go about getting temporary custody if I and my husband are separated. The temporary custody is the term used for the staying place. Custody is the place where one is staying; the term temporary custody refers to the place where one stays for only a short period of time. Then comes the most important part a wife separated from husband... more

This is always a difficult task for women to drag their husband to come to church. Always be frank with your husband and give him certain lessons from the bible. Since the bible is the holy book your husband will be making it a point to respect and be soft to him. Never force him to come to the church because he will be doing it for a week or so but after that he will never come and this will cause fights. Don’t forget to read him a part of bible everyday. He will get automatically attracted.... more

There are many husbands who remain self-centered in a family, and that is quite dangerous to be so. This is because unless there is a concerted effort from both partners, it’s hard to ensure happiness in the family, more so if you also have kids. There are many reasons that may make your husband to behave so. It means your primary job is to ascertain what makes him to behave indifferently when it comes to family matters. In most cases, financial problems may make them lose interest in domestic... more

There is a famous saying that every man’s success there will be woman if you find that your husband finds difficult to feel comfortable with your family you can easily help him to get rid of this kind of problem at the earlier stages since this will lead them serious problem if you find that your husband does not feel comfortable with your family means then first you have to be comfortable with him and let him to share his problem and you are conform about his problem then follow some exercise... more

Wedding anniversaries are a great time to remind your spouse of how much they mean to you. A good way to remember that day is to take them back to the place that they proposed. Take them to that particular place and set up a romantic date around it. Another good idea is to go away for a weekend getaway to an intimate bed and breakfast or some place else that is special to both of you. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant or expensive affair as long as there is meaning behind it. If a weekend... more

This is a great topic to write on. I am very happy to share my thoughts on this topic to all my readers and I hope that I do it well.Love always starts with trust. It is a rare scenario of people getting love at first sight. These things happen only in cinemas. A relationship grows stronger by trust which eventually may or may not blossom into a mighty, beautiful impression entitled as love. Communication between an husband and wife should start formally with hello and hi and it has to gradually... more

If you believe that you’ve only one soul, then there is no question of thinking in terms of having more than one soul mate. You can have any number of associates, but only one when it comes to being intimate. They will be the people with whom you can share anything and everything. That;s why you also feel a majority of the people not having more than a soul mate in their entire lifetime. A soul mate will come to your rescue whenever you are in dire straits, whereas all others will just move... more